Key Baby Recall Telephone: 1 800-447-1224


Q. What is the name of the product that was recalled?
A. The product being recalled is named the Natural Stages Infant Pacifier (which is branded under a license from Pampers). It was available in yellow, blue, and pink – ortho or bulb – with two pacifiers in each package.

Q. Where were the Natural Stages Infant Pacifiers sold?
A. The Yellow pacifier was sold primarily at CVS from September 2010 to January 2011, and the pink/blue pacifiers were sold from April 2010 to March 2011 at Babies R Us, Amazon.com, and several other retailers.

Q. Why was this product recalled?
A. Key Baby’s infant pacifier did not consistently meet the safety requirements established by the CPSC. Once the production issue was identified, we immediately asked retailers to remove the product the store shelves.

Q. Can I read the announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission?
A. Yes, it can be viewed at http://www.cpsc/gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml11/11188.html

Q. How do I know that the products currently in the stores meet standards?
A. All products that are being recalled have been removed from store shelves.

Q. Has there been any health related incidents of infants?
A. Although no incidents have been reported to date, the pacifier was more flexible than intended, which can increase the overall choking risk for pacifiers. To protect infants, we are recalling this product to eliminate any possibility of a problem.

Q. How do I get a refund?
A. Key Baby is happy to send you a full refund or replacement for your purchase. To complete the refund process, please send your pacifiers, contact information (name and mailing address), and replacement choice to:
Key Baby, LLC
c/o Pacifier Replacement
17844 N. US Highway 41
Lutz, FL 33549
You can access a simple form containing all the necessary information at www.key-baby.com. Approximately 4 weeks later you will receive your refund from Key Baby via postal mail. If you do not receive a reply by then, please feel free to re-contact Key Baby at this same number.

Q. What if I only have 1 pacifier?
A. We understand some moms may not still have both pacifiers in their homes but we are willing to provide a refund on the full purchase price, even if only one pacifier is available for return. Please follow the standard return and refund process.

Q. I had one of these pacifiers, but threw it away after hearing about the recall. Can I still get a refund?
A. In this case, we would like to provide a coupon for a free pacifier as a replacement. Please allow 4 weeks for this to arrive.

Q. Were you told a recall the pacifier or did you do it voluntary?
A. Key Baby is issuing a voluntary recall of all Key Baby pacifiers and asked retailers to remove any remaining products from store shelves.

Q. How could you release and unsafe product to stores?
A. It absolutely was not our intention to offer a product that was unsafe, which is why we immediately issued the voluntary recall and asked retailers to remove any remaining products from store shelves as soon as we were aware for the potential issue.

Q. Do you have safety systems in place?
A. We do have systems in place to confirm the safety of our products and we believe this was an isolated incident; however, we removed all of our oval pacifiers to be 100% confident in the safety of our products in market.

Q. I have other products manufactured by Key Baby. Should I be worried? Are there other products included in this recall?
A. No, you should not worry. This recall is only on the Key Baby Infant, oval pacifiers with the Pampers logo on them. They were offered in the colors yellow, pink, and blue.

Q. Do you make other pacifiers that are not impacted by this voluntary recall?
A. Yes, Key Baby also makes butterfly-shaped pacifiers and that are not included in the recall. In addition, no other Key Baby products (baby bottles, etc) are included in the recall. This was an isolated incident. All other products may be used as directed and are not included in the rec.

Q. What’s the problem with the pacifiers that are being recalled?
A. The pacifiers are being recalled because the back plate is potentially slightly more flexible than it should be and could cause a choking hazard, although no incidents have been reported.

Q. Did you or do require any safety testing on your products?
A. Yes, we do complete extensive testing before bringing any product to market, any our lab facility is CPSC approved.

Q. What are you doing to prevent in the future?
A. We have quality assurance practices in place where we are currently testing 100% of our pacifiers. Our design team, has completed a redesign of the product to further ensure the highest quality pacifier for your baby.

Q. Did any babies choke on the pacifier?
A. No, there have not been any incidents reported with our product.

Q. What if I want more information?
A. Call us at 1 880-447-1224 or E-mail us at [email protected]

General Q&A’s about licensing:

Q. How is Key Baby involved in this if it’s a Pampers pacifier?
A. This pacifier is a licensed product, which means Key baby is the manufacturer, and we have worked with Pampers to include the Pampers name on the product.

Q. What if I have any Pampers diapers or wipes questions:
A. For any questions about Pampers diapers or wipes, please contact them directly at 1-800-PAMPERS (1-800-726-7377) Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST or send them an email via www.pampers.com